Outsourcing Analysis

Expenses for Internal Billing

Bullet 4  Salaries
Bullet 4  Benefits
            -Uniforms (purchase/rental/launder
            -Company picnics, parties, gifts
Bullet 4  Vacation
            -Overtime before and after vacation if only 1 person performing billing
            -Temporary staff hired to cover during vacation
            -Overtime for other employees working to help cover the missing staff's job
Bullet 4  Training Seminars
Bullet 4  Supplies
            -Claim forms
            -Statement forms
            -Ink cartridges for printers and fax machines
            -Miscellaneous supplies i.e. pens, pencils, highlighters, staples, etc. (note: although kept in
             stock for other office use, more of these supplies are used with billing in house)
Bullet 4  Postage
Bullet 4  Long Distance
Bullet 4  Software upgrades and training
Bullet 4  Hardware upgrades
Bullet 4  Equipment maintenance and repair

Advantages to Outsourcing

Bullet 4  One simple monthly fee for hassle free billing management
Bullet 4  No supplies, equipment or software/hardware upgrade expenses
Bullet 4  No Staffing Issues
            -Sick time/personal time off/Family Medical Leave Act
            -Vacation (expense, covering shifts, coordinating time off)
Bullet 4  No Training Expense
            -Valuable resources of time and money are lost during training
Bullet 4  Reduction in Phone Calls
            -Patients call the billing office directly to handle all financial issues