Initial Training and Set-Up for New Users

Bullet 1  Assist in purchase of appropriate software package and additional components for your office
Bullet 1  Install software and set-up initial database
Bullet 1  Provide hands on training on site with all users (same price for 1 or more users)

Consulting for Existing Users

Bullet 1  Evaluate current system and assist in identifying and correcting problem areas
Bullet 1  Retrain users on site to appropriately use system to its full advantage
Bullet 1  Train users how to analyze and produce reports to manage the accounts receivable
Bullet 1  Train users how to work the accounts receivable and collections

Ongoing Support

Bullet 1  Provide notices about software upgrades
Bullet 1  Assist in the purchase , installation and training for upgrades
Bullet 1  On site or phone support available for unexpected problems or questions
Bullet 1  Design custom reports and/or train staff to create custom reports